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Behind the Label: Jaxson

Behind The Label LGBTQ Interview Series Jaxson

Behind the Label asks people from throughout the LGBTQ+ spectrum the same set of questions every month, from their experiences of the LGBTQ+ community to their thoughts on how to be a better ally.

Our first conversation is with Jaxson...


Behind the Label #1 Jaxson


Name:  Jaxson.

Age: 24.

Location: Ontario, Canada.

Profession: Jack of all trades.

How do you identify and what pronouns do you use?

Transgender. He/Him.

Are you openly LGBTQ+? If so, when did you come out and how did your family and friends react?

I am openly transgender. I came out in 2015 and my family and friends were accepting and supportive. Some took some time to come around but eventually everyone that mattered did.

For you, what’s the best thing about being LGBTQ+?

The best part about being LGBTQ+ is the acceptance and love you develop for the people around you because of your own hardships. Sometimes I don't think I would appreciate or be able to understand the things I do with the depth I do if I wasn't part of the LGBTQ+ community.


Behind the Label #1 Jaxson 2

Who from the LGBTQ+ community inspires you and why? 

Someone from the LGBTQ+ community that inspires me is my best friend Eli. He inspires me because no matter what life hands him he can curve it into a learning opportunity.

What do you feel is the biggest issue facing LGBTQ+ people in 2019?

I think the biggest issue facing LGBTQ+ people in 2019 is ignorance. I think the root of most of the problems LGBTQ+ people face is due to not fully understanding why we are the way we are. I think the more education we have and spread, the more we can eliminate this issue.

If you were to give someone advice on how to be a better ally, what advice would you give?

If I were to give someone advice on how to be a better ally I would tell them to inform/correct people (if safe to do so) if they are being ignorant towards the LGBTQ+ community.

If you could speak to your younger self, what would you say?

"I know you are confused but I promise you that you will figure this out. Hang in there."

What’s your favourite piece of Rainbow & Co pride merch?

Definitely the designs!


Finally, share with us some LGBTQ+ charities or organisations which you support, these can be local/national/international. 



Big thanks to Jaxson for being the first person to take part in this series! If you want to see more of Jaxson, you can follow him on Instagram

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  • Having mature people sharing their thoughts on such matters honestly gives me hope and strength to hold on, I’ve had times for sure where I just want to let go but such things really help more than my words could ever explain. Thank you Jaxson and rainbowandco.


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