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Celebrating Bisexuality - Supporting 3 Amazing Bi+ Organisations

Celebrating Bisexuality | 4 Incredible Bi+ Charities | Rainbow & Co

Our Celebrating Bisexuality campaign aims to raise awareness of the often underrepresented Bi+ people in our community.

We've created 6 different shirts, 3 featuring the celebratory hashtags #BisexualMenExist, #CelebrateBiWomen, and #CelebrateBiNonBinary, and 3 featuring specially commissioned illustrations from the fantastic Chris Morris.


Celebrating Bisexual T Shirt | Rainbow & Co

We'll be releasing each of the shirts over the course of 3 weeks and you can find them on our Bisexual Collection page. £5 from the sale of each shirt will be split across 3 incredible Bisexual organisations and we've shared a bit more about each of them below.




 Biscuit Logo

Since 2014, Biscuit has stood up for the bi+ community, supporting anyone who experiences biphobia and misogyny. Their mission is to promote bisexual wellbeing and visibility and they are currently raising funds to revamp their website and allow them to continue producing resources such as their 'What is Bisexuality?' post cards, which they distribute to Pride events and other Queer organisations around the UK.

Find out more about Biscuit via the links below:

Twitter @we_are_biscuit 

Instagram - @we_are_biscuit

You can also donate to Biscuit through their GoFundMe fundraiser here.



Bi's of Colour

Bi's of Colour Logo

Bi's of Colour was formed in 2010 to support Black and People of Colour in the Bisexual+ community and is the only group of its kind in the world. Their work aims to give a voice support to Bisexual+ People of Colour facing multiple marginalisations such as racism, Islamaphobia, and classism.

Find out more about Bi's of Colour via the links below:

Twitter @BisofColour

Instagram @BisofColour

You can also donate to Bi's of Colour via their PayPal here.


Bi Survivors Network

Bi Survivors Network Logo

The Bi Survivors Network is a support and advocacy network for Bi+ survivors of domestic/sexual violence. They are open to people of any gender identity and provide a space where survivors can find solidarity and support from others with similar experiences.

Find out more about the Bi Survivors Network via the links below:

Twitter @NetworkBi

Facebook - @BiSurvivorsNetwork


Don't forget to check out the shirts supporting these awesome charities here, we can't wait to make our first donations!

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