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How Working with an Independent LGBTQ+ Business Can Help You Support LGBTQ+ Employees in the Workplace

Do you want to support your LGBTQ+ employees but are worried about saying the wrong thing? Are you often lost with pronouns and all the different sexualities that exist? Do you feel stuck in coming up with ways you can create a truly inclusive workplace culture not just during Pride month - but all year round?

With the most recent census showing that over 1.5 million people in the UK identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual, or another sexual orientation, making LGBTQ+ members of staff feel comfortable and safe in the workplace is important for employers across all industries.

However, many businesses struggle to know just how to create an inclusive work environment without being tokenistic or rainbow-washing (signalling support for LGBTQ+ workers without actually doing any substantive work that helps members of the community.)

One way to show a real commitment to LGBTQ+ staff is to reach out to independent queer businesses, like Rainbow & Co, who can offer advice on how company heads can make their LGBTQ+ employees feel safe, seen - and valued in the workplace.

Why is it important for employers to show commitment to LGBTQ+ inclusion in the workplace?

Whether it’s your sexuality, race or gender, feeling supported by your employer is an important part of feeling safe and comfortable enough to not just turn up for work - but enjoy what you do. However, recent studies have shown that only 52% of LGBTQ+ employees in the UK are comfortable being out in the workplace, while one in five are currently considering leaving their current role because of the lack of focus or action on LGBTQ+ inclusion.

By finding ways to create a workplace that doesn’t just hire queer employees but is actively focused on LGBTQ+ inclusion and diversity, employers can make their staff feel valued and have a significantly positive impact on their employee’s experiences in the workplace. In fact, more than half of LGBTQ+ workers (59%) say that allyship would help employees be open about their sexual orientation or gender identity in an office environment.

As well as retaining great staff, showing commitment to LGBTQ+ inclusion in the workplace is also beneficial for new hires. A recent survey has shown that diverse workplaces are the most important factor when looking for a new job; respondents cited that the importance of the company’s internal commitment to LGBTQ+ inclusion is a significant factor in their job search. 

How can Rainbow & Co help businesses create an LGBT-inclusive workplace?

As a queer and autistic-owned independent business, Rainbow & Co can support workplaces in building inclusive and accepting environments for their LGBTQ+ staff. 

Educate and Advise

Even members of the queer community worry about saying the wrong thing. However, without a sounding board to bounce off from, it can often be hard for employers to properly educate themselves enough to feel confident in offering support to LGBTQ+ staff.

Whether you feel a little lost with how to use pronouns or don’t really understand the difference between all the sexualities under the LGBTQ+ umbrella, we’re on hand to help. No question is a silly question to us - and you don’t have to worry about trying to word it so it sounds properly PC.

We can educate you on everything LGBTQ+, including inclusive language to use in the workplace, how to get it right with pronouns and all the other tiny changes that can make a big difference to queer staff members.

Provide Helpful Resources

We can also provide employers with helpful learning resources, like our Pocket Guide to LGBTQIA+ Identities . This handy booklet explains over 40 different sexuality and gender identities in easy-to-understand language, for you to distribute among the company and include in your welcome packs for new hires.

Compared to other corporate resources, this short guide cuts out the waffle - not to mention has been written by a queer person, especially for allies who want to know more. It’s an educational and fun way for LGBTQ+ employees to know that everyone in the office is working towards fostering a safe working environment - and is committed to LGBTQ+ inclusion.

Tell You What to Avoid

Toeing the line between a truly inclusive LGBTQ+ workplace environment and allyship that might feel a little performative can be hard for every business - even ones that employ lots of LGBTQ+ staff! Not to mention getting it right can feel even trickier when it comes to big LGBTQ+ events, like Pride Month in June.

By chatting with a queer business like us, we can guide you on how to provide truly inclusive LGBTQ+ support for your staff, and gently steer you away from anything that might be seen as tokenistic. That way, your LGBTQ+ staff members know that you’ve truly got their best interests at heart, not just during Pride month, but every day of the year.

Who Do We Work With?

The team at Rainbow & Co are on hand to support businesses of all shapes and sizes in building inclusive and accepting environments for their staff. No matter the industry you’re in, or how many LGBTQ+ employees work for the company, we can advise you on the best way to make your LGBTQ+ employees truly feel valued - and how you can be an authentic and genuine ally to the community. 

Companies we have worked with previously include Hitatchi, Netflix Netherlands, OutBritain, and EDF Energy.

How to get in touch

You can get in touch with our team by filling out the form on our contact page . Alternatively, you can reach us via email at

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Tilly Brogan

Tilly is a queer Freelance Copywriter based in Manchester. She balances her time between working  with LGBTQ+ organisations and women’s rights charities - and people watching in various Manchester cafes. She is also a proud lesbian. You can read more of her work here.

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