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LGBTQ+ News Round Up - April 2019

LGBTQ News April 2019 | Rainbow & Co


Each month Rainbow & Co will be sharing some of the most important news stories for the past month.

So, what happened in the LGBTQ+ community in April?

The Situation for LGBT People in Brunei

Shockingly, a legal change in Brunei which calls for the stoning of LGBTQ+ people has been upheld. This most recent addition to the many countries which not only allow but actively legislate for the brutal violence against and killing of human beings simply because of who they are and/or who they love leaves us speechless with dismay.

To read more about the current situation in Brunei, and what you can do, visit stonewall here.

London To Host It's First Transgender Pride Festival in 2019

The increased visibility of the T in LGBTQ+ is continuing, with the first London Trans Pride recently announced. I am very excited about the visibility that this new event will give to trans people as well as the opportunity to celebrate our identities. I don’t think, however, that it will ever replace Brighton Trans Pride in our hearts!

For more details, visit the Independent, here. 


London Transgender Pride | A Man with a Painted Transgender Flag on his Palm | Rainbow & Co


Entire Methodist Confirmation Class Declines to Become Members Over Anti-LGBTQ Policies

 We all know that change starts with a few people who are willing to speak up. Teens in Omaha, Nebraska did just that, when a whole confirmation class declined to become members of the United Methodist Church in protest against its anti-LGBTQ+ stance.

To read more about the actions of these courageous young people, and the position of the United Methodist Church, visit LGBTQ nation here.


Mormon Church Drops Anti-LGBT Policy

In more good news from the faith sector, the Mormon Church has finally let go of an anti-LGBTQ+ policy, meaning that the children of LGBTQ+ couples can now be baptized. Whilst there is still a long way to go for LGBTQ+ people in this religion, we hope that this step leads to even more change.

Find out more about the Mormon LGBT Policy here.


Gilbert LDS Temple | Photo by Joe Cook on Unsplash


MSP's Say Concerns Raised About Changes to Gender Act Are 'Misleading'

Finally, in Scotland, Members of the Scottish Parliament have spoken up against transphobic reactions to the consultation on the Gender Recognition Act. Those who are opposed to increased legal recognition of trans people have made claims that have been called ‘misleading’.

To read more on this story, click here.


This month has seen both gains and losses for LGBTQ+ people in the UK and further afield. Now, though, we head into the Pride Season. Excited?! 

More next month.

Peace, Alex.



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Alex Clare-Young is a transmasculine pastor, writer and thinker. To find out more about Alex, visit

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