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LGBTQ+ News Round Up - June 2019

Each month Rainbow & Co will be sharing some of our favourite news stories for the past month. So, what happened in the LGBTQ+ community in June?


Trumps Ban on Pride Flags | Photo by Gotta Be Worth It from Pexels


Donald Trump has been fighting a losing battle against LGBTQ+ Pride flags.

Trumps officials tried to remove pride flags from the Stonewall Memorial but failed when it turned out that the land was owned by the local parks authority.

Meanwhile, USA embassies throughout the world have triumphed against Trump’s ban on Pride flags by displaying rainbows in all sorts of creative ways.


Botswana & Ecuador Make Strides Toward LGBTQ Equality

In the latest steps towards worldwide equality for LGBTQ+ people, Botswana has legalised gay sex and Equador has become the latest country to legalise same-sex marriage. Let’s celebrate these victories and work together for equality and justice everywhere.

Read more about marriage equality in Equador here and legalisation in Botswana here.


London Zoo Gay Penguins Celebrate Pride | Photo by Dušan Smetana on Unsplash


London Zoo: Some Penguins are Gay, Get Over It

London Zoo has celebrated Pride by showcasing the same sex parents who have become well known for their co-parenting skills. This move not only supports LGBTQ+ rights but also highlights just how natural it is to be gay, whether you are a penguin or a person!

Read the full story on Humboldt penguins Ronnie and Reggie over at Pink News here.


Say Hello to the Brand New L Word Cast Members

Love it or loathe it, the L Word is back!

Titled 'The L Word: Generation Q', the reboot features a more diverse cast than ever before and follows the lives of LGBTQ+ women as they navigate 21st-century life, including work, family, and relationships.

Get a sneak peak of the new cast via Diva Magazine here.


A non-binary femme in a gender neutral bathroom.


GRA Reforms on Hold as Scottish Government Decide to Consult (Again)

Finally, Trans rights have had a setback in Scotland, where the government has delayed reforms to the Gender Recognition Act. In a further blow to non-binary identities, the government has stated that there will not be a nonbinary option in the new act. Read more on this here.

This news from Scotland is particularly disheartening given that crimes against trans people have risen by over 80% in the last year. A horrific statistic that highlights the uphill battle trans people face in their fight for equality and justice.

Find out more about the increase in Trans Hate Crimes here.



As Pride month grows to a close, there is plenty to celebrate but we must also remember that the first pride was a riot. Whilst our LGBTQ+ kin are being persecuted simply for being themselves our work towards a more equal world must continue.

Peace, Alex.



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Alex Clare-Young is a transmasculine pastor, writer, and thinker. To find out more about Alex, visit

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