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LGBTQ+ News Round Up - March 2019

 LGBTQ News March 2019

Each month Rainbow & Co will be sharing some of the most important LGBTQ+ news stories from the past month.

So, what happened in the LGBTQ+ community in March?

LGBT in India: What it's like six months after gay sex was decriminalised

Six months on from the decriminalisation of same sex relationships in India, LGBTQIA people are experiencing a mix of freedom and oppression. Whilst the law has changed, societal biases are struggling to catch up. Many, however, are seeing increasing signs of visibility, hope, and justice for the LGBTQIA community.

To read some personal reflections on the effects of this change, visit BBC news, here.

These 10 tweets from queer women on International Women’s Day will give you life

On the 8th of March, people around the world celebrated International Women's Day. This can be an important day of celebration and visibility for LGBTQIA women but can also be difficult for those who suffer erasure or oppression.

International Womens Day | Photo by Lindsey LaMont on Unsplash

Pink News celebrated by sharing inspirational quotes by queer women, find out what they had to say here.


Japanese Trans People Face Compulsory Sterilisation

Japanese Transgender People to Face Sterilisation

The highest court in Japan has opted to support the compulsory sterilisation of trans people. This seems so unjust and damaging that it is hard to comment on. Munroe Bergdorf and Jane Fae did just that with grace and courage.

Read and listen to their thoughts here.


Parents Protest Against LGBT Education in British Schools

A school in Birmingham, UK, has been at the centre of protests over LGBT education, sparked by the schools inclusive ethos. Many of the protestors claim that their religious beliefs are in tension with the school’s position.

The chief of Ofsted has responded in support of the school, stating that parents protesting LGBT education ‘set a terrible example for kids’. The protests continue causing increasing difficulty and distress for educators and pupils alike.

To read more about the debate and its effects visit Pink News here.


Alexa features voice of transgender man for Trans Visibility Day

In more positive news, Alexa devices have learned to speak with the voice of a transman in support of Transgender Day of Visibility. Whilst some have been confused by this move, transmasculine voices often vary from cis male voices due to the effects of receiving testosterone later in life.

Amazon Echo Alexa | Photo by Andres Urena on Unsplash

This move by Amazon highlights the importance of embedding trans experiences into the everyday lives of all people in order to counter ignorance, cissexism and

To read more about the #VoiceofTrans campaign, click here.


March ended with Trans Day of Visibility (TDoV). TDoV highlights the importance of continuing to raise the public profile of LGBTQIA people until we are no longer marginalised and oppressed.

Keep speaking truth to power but, perhaps most importantly, take care of you!

More next month.

Peace, Alex.



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Alex Clare-Young is a transmasculine pastor, writer and thinker. To find out more about Alex, visit

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