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LGBTQ+ News Roundup - Feb 2019

February 2019 LGBTQ News Roundup

Each month we'll be sharing some of the top LGBTQ+ news stories from the past few weeks and with the theme for February’s LGBT History Month being ‘Catalyst’, this month we've chosen stories of catalysts for change in the spheres of politics, religion, athletics and the arts. 

Read on to find out what happened in the LGBTQ+ community in February...

In the Face of Attempted Ban, Transgender Service Members Attend State of the Union

Donald Trump’s administration are trending across LGBTQ+ media outlets. From political faux-pas to derogatory comments, from support of homophobic organisations to Trump’s attempts to ban trans people from the military, the Trump administration have made many LGBTQ+ people feel that they are under attack.

USA Transgender Military Ban

In better news, however, several politicians used the State of the Union on February the 5th to highlight the exceptional service of trans service members by inviting them to the speech.

To read more about the invitees visit GLAAD news here.


Former Gay Worship Leader for Hillsong Speaks About Experience

In religious news Josh Canfield, who is gay Christian, has spoken out against Hillsong’s covert homophobia. Canfield, who used to lead worship for Hillsong in New York City, has criticised Brian Houston, Hillsong’s lead pastor, for his statement that Hillsong “loves all people”.  Canfield was made to step down from visible roles at the church after coming out publicly despite the fact that Hillsong NYC already knew that he was in a committed relationship with a man.

Canfield’s interview highlights the importance of hearing from LGBTQ+ people who have experienced discrimination within religious organisations.

Read Canfield's full interview with Church Clarity here

Gay Muslim Comic Disappears After Indonesia Threatens Instagram Ban

Gay Muslim Comic Disappears After Indonesia Threatens Instagram Ban

In Indonesia, a Muslim comic which features LGBTQ+ characters has disappeared in the latest example of LGBTQ+ creatives being censored.

The comic, which tackled important and complex issues including diverse identities and religious intolerance complied with the guidelines of Instagram, where it was published. Unfortunately the Indonesian government stepped in, asking Instagram to delete the account, claiming that it was pornographic.

The over-sexualisation of LGBT+ identities is often wielded as a tool of erasure.

Learn more about this story at here.


MN PowerLifting Team ‘Times Out’ Protesting USAPL Transgender Ban

Athletics has been the arena for the latest rows around trans identities, with several professional bodies banning or regulating trans participation. At the Minnesota State Championships of USA Powerlifting, nine participants chose not to lift; instead letting their time run out as a protest against a recent ban on trans athletes.

USAPL Transgender Ban

The athletes displayed a banner that said ‘trans lifters belong here’ during the contest and were enthusiastically supported by audience members including the athlete JayCee Cooper, who wasn’t allowed to compete because of her trans identity.

Read more on this story at Planet Transgender here


The Favourite's Unapologetic Depiction of Queer Female Sexuality Is an Oscars First

Finally, hit film The Favourite has been honoured at the Oscars; breaking down barriers to the portrayal of queer female sexuality.

When I first saw The Favourite, I was impressed by the bold use of both sex and aesthetic to query norms and challenge rigid understandings of history. The film is at once beautiful and hilarious, quirky and tragic.

To find out more about The Favourite's success see the full Advocate article here


That's all for February, watch this space for more catalytic news next month! ______________________________________________________________________________________


LGBTQ+ News Roundup - Feb 2019

Alex Clare-Young is a transmasculine pastor, writer and thinker. To find out more about Alex, visit

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