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Bisexual Pride Flag | Rainbow & Co
Bi Pride Flag | Rainbow & Co
Large Bisexual Flag | Rainbow & Co

Bisexual Flag - 5ft x 3ft

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However you choose to fly your bisexual flag, be it from your window, draped round your shoulders at a pride parade, or hung proudly on your wall, our large pride flags are the perfect pride accessory.

What Colour is the Bisexual Flag and What Do The Colours Mean?

Created in 1998, the Bisexual flag features three horizontal stripes in pink, purple, and blue. 

Originally the colours represented the following; pink for same sex attraction, blue for different sex attraction, and purple, the combination of pink and blue, signifying attraction to both sexes.

However, this definition of bisexuality as the attraction to both sexes is rejected by most people today, you can read more about the history of Bisexuality and the meaning behind the flag in our Bisexuality guide here.


  • Bisexual Flag Design
  • 5ft x 3ft (150cm x 90cm)                     
  • Made from water resistant polyester
  • Double stitched hem

  • Features 2 grommets for attaching to flag poles 

Customer Reviews

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Georgy Zhukov

I'm soo glad that I've purchased the flag through your shop! Not only it's amazing quality, but also supports small bussiness and charities! Win-win :)

Chris Mrozek

Bisexual Pride Flag - 5ft x 3ft

Bi Pride Flag

Great flag, can be ironed flat so looks good hanging up. Communication from the company was fab and I love that they donate a portion of proceeds to queer charities

Exactly what I needed for Pride

Perfect for wearing or carrying

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