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Polyamory Pride Flag | 5ft x 3ft | Rainbow & Co
Polyamory Flags | 5ft x 3ft | Rainbow & Co
Polyamory Pride Flags | 5ft x 3ft | Rainbow & Co

Polyamory Pride Flag - 5ft x 3ft

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However you choose to fly your flag, be it from your window, draped round your shoulders at a pride parade, or hung proudly on your wall, our extra large pride flags are the perfect pride accessory.

Created in 2011, the Polyamory flag features three horizontal stripes in blue, red, and black with a yellow Greek letter 'pi' in the centre.

The 'pi' symbol was originally chosen because pi is an irrational number with infinitely many decimal places, a play on polyamorous people "having infinite love".

Blue - represents openness and honesty among all partners.

Red - represents love and passion.

Black - represents solidarity with those who must hide their relationships from the outside world.

Yellow - represents the value put on emotional attachment to others.


  • Polyamory Flag Design
  • 5ft x 3ft (150cm x 90cm)                     
  • Made from water resistant polyester
  • Double stitched hem

  • Features 2 grommets for attaching to flag poles 

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